Santa Grahams

These were in a cookbook and they looked so cute, I had to make them! Will helped and they turned out just like the picture.

Santa Grahams

16 oz. can white frosting (I like the whipped frosting)
Red food coloring
6 whole graham crackers
1 c. mini marshmallows
6 small red gumdrops, cut in half or 12 red M&Ms
24 mini chocolate chips or cinnamon cookies
(you'll probably need extra candies and marshmallows for testing)

Line cookie sheet with waxed paper. Place 1/4 c. frosting in small bowl and add food coloring to tint red, about 1/4 tsp. Blend well. Place 1 c. frosting in another bowl and add 1 drop red food coloring to tint pale pink. Blend well.

Break each large graham cracker into 2 squares, making 12 squares. For each cookie, frost 1 corner red for Santa's hat. Place marshmallow on corner for pom-pom.

Frost rest of the cookie with pink frosting. Use chocolate chips for eyes and gumdrops for nose. Then use mini marshmallows around 2 sides of graham cracker for beard. Place on cookie sheet and let stand a few minutes until frosting is set.
(picture coming soon)


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