Soda Cracker Candy

Soda Cracker Candy 35-40 or 1/4 lb. soda crackers 1 c. brown sugar 1 c. butter 1 c. chopped nuts 12 oz. milk chocolate chips
Line jelly roll pan with foil. Fill pan with one layer of soda crackers. Boil brown sugar and butter for 2 minutes, stirring all the time. Add chopped nuts. Pour over crackers. Bake at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. Remove from oven and top with chocolate chips and bake 1 more minutes. Smooth melted chocolate over pan. Cool.

Honey Glazed Cashew Chicken Stirfry

Honey Glazed Cashew Chicken Stirfry
1/4 c. orange juice or 1 orange, juiced 1 tsp. cornstarch 1 Tb. honey 1 Tb. oil 2 chicken breasts, cut into thin strips 1/2 medium onion, sliced thin 1 clove garlic, minced 1 c. carrots, sliced or julienned 1/3 c. cashews red pepper flakes 1 c. hot cooked rice
In small bowl, combine orange juice, cornstarch, and honey, set aside. Heat oil in large skillet over high heat. Add chicken, onion and garlic. Stir fry 4-5 minutes, until chicken is no longer pink. Add carrots. Cover and cook 3-4 minutes. Add orange juice mixture, cook and stir 1-2 minutes or until sauce thickens. Stir in cashews and red pepper. Serve over rice. Serves 2.

Leftover Pasta Salad

This is great to use up leftovers in the fridge. Feel free to substitute for what you have on hand.

Leftover Pasta Salad Dressing: 3/4 c. mayonnaise or salad dressing  1 tsp. red wine vinegar 1/2 tsp. sugar salt
Salad: 2 c. leftover pasta 1/2 c. veggies - leftover peas, sliced carrots, diced bell pepper, broccoli florets 1/2 c. mandarin orange segments 1/2 c. cubed ham or turkey
In a large bowl, combine dressing ingredients; mix well. Add salad ingredients. Toss gently to combine. Serves 2.

Curried Chicken Strips

Ready in less than 30 minutes

Curried Chicken Strips 1 lb. chicken breasts 2 Tb. oil or butter 1 large bell pepper, cut into strips 1 medium onion, sliced 1 tsp. curry powder 3/4 tsp. salt 1 c. half and half or 5 oz. evaporated milk
Cut chicken into long strips. In large skillet over hot oil, cook green pepper and onion until tender. Add curry powder and salt, cook 1 minute longer. Add chicken to skillet. Over high heat, cook until chicken is done, about 3-5 minutes. Reduce heat to medium, stir in milk and cook until mixture thickens slightly. Makes 4 servings. Serve over rice.
Banana Berry Compote 1/2 c. orange marmalade 1/4 c. orange juice 1/2 tsp. allspice 2 medium bananas, sliced 1 pint strawberries, cut in half 1 c. blueberries
In large bowl, combine orange marmalade, orange juice, and allspice. Add fruit and toss gently. Serves 4. High in potassium and vitamin C.

Cranberry-Glazed Turkey

Ready in less than 30 minutes
Cranberry-Glazed Turkey 1 lb. turkey cutlets or 1 lb. turkey breast, sliced thin (freeze slightly before slicing) 3 Tb. butter 1 medium onion, sliced 1/2 c. cranberry orange sauce 1/2 tsp. sage 1/2 tsp. salt pepper
Pound turkey cutlets until about 1/8" thickness. In large skillet over medium high heat, melt butter. Cook turkey cutlets, a few at a time, until tender and lightly browned on each side, about 3 minutes. Remove turkey to plate and reserve. In dripping, cook onion until tender. Add cranberry sauce, sage, salt and pepper to taste, plus 1/2 c. water. Cook until boiling, then scrape up pan. Serve sauce over turkey. Serves 4.
Can substitute chicken for turkey.

Chicken Italian Style

I tried this recipe a long time ago. I've updated it a bit, and it tastes even better.
Chicken Italian Style 1 Tb. olive oil 1 lb. chicken thighs, boneless and skinless 1/2 lb. mushrooms, quartered 1 clove garlic, minced 1 10 oz. pkg. frozen green beans 1 red bell pepper, sliced 1 16 oz. can Italian tomatoes 1/2 tsp. Tabasco
In medium skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Pat chicken dry then season chicken with salt and pepper. Cook chicken until browned on all sides, then remove to a plate. In the skillet, cook mushroom and garlic until tender. Return chicken to skillet, adding green beans, bell pepper, and undrained tomatoes. Add Tabasco sauce to taste. Cook until boiling, then reduce heat to a simmer and cover. Cook for 15 minutes over low heat, or until chicken and vegetables are tender. Serves 4. Great over rice or with pasta.

Milk Caramels

Another of Mom's delicious recipes. I think she got this one from Borden's Pet Milk.

Milk Caramel 3/4 c. sugar 2 Tb. water 1 c. corn syrup, white vanilla 1/2 c. butter 3/4 c. evaporated milk 1/2 tsp. salt
Put the sugar, water, and corn syrup into a heavy saucepan. Cook and stir over medium heat. Wash sugar crystals down from the sides of the pan with a wet paintbrush or pastry brush. Stir in butter. When the batch starts boiling again, add the evaporated milk very slowly, a little at a time, stirring constantly. Then stir caramel vigorously, scraping the bottom of the pan and sides. This is to prevent the milk from scorching. Cook until soft ball stage, about 234. It should take about 5 minutes to add milk. After soft ball stage is reached, remove from heat and add salt and a few drops of vanilla. 
Turtles 1 Batch of Milk Caramel Chopped Pecans
Let caramel cool slightly. Spread as many nuts as possible on a baking sheet or jelly roll pan. With a teaspoon, drop caramel on nuts …