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Product Review: Barefoot Contessa Blondies

My mom picked up this mix at a kitchen store in Salt Lake recently for our family. We couldn't wait to try them. It comes in a box, with pouches for the mix and one for the chocolate chunks. Just add a stick of butter, an egg, and the optional walnuts. (We left those out.) Then all we had to do was bake and wait.

Super yum! Worth every minute. I will add that they are pricey. Mom got them on sale, but they normally sell around $10 for a 9" pan of brownies. We wound up with 6. Cheaper than 6 bakery brownies, but by no means cheap. So for taste, 4.5 stars, but for value, more like 2 stars. But then, I'm pretty frugal with shopping. I'd say pick it up if they're on sale or save for a special treat.