Pizza, Pizza!

Pizza, along with chocolate, is one of the major food groups at our house. We have pizza at least once a week. Sometimes we do that $5 deal from Little Caesar's, but it's usually homemade. Here are our three favorite recipes.

Cindy's Pizza

My favorite recipe is from the Make A Mix cookbook. It involves making Hot Roll Mix and then using that plus yeast and some water to make a dough. Then I roll that out and let it set about 10 minutes before topping.

Randy's Pizza

I'd love to give you his recipe, but I can't, because he makes it up every time. He makes it so often that he can tell from looking at the dough what it needs. He likes to make individual pizza and calzones.

Sarah's Pizza

Sarah uses the Jiffy Pizza Crust mix. This one is great. It costs about 50 cents and makes one small pizza crust.


We all like cheese and sauce, but the kids only like a little sauce and lots of cheese. I am the other other way round. The kids also like pepperoni. Will likes black olives and peppers and onions. Ellen likes Hawaiian pizza. Randy and I like veggies and artichoke hearts. We also like taco pizza, make with taco sauce, ground beef, cheddar, olives, tomatoes and lettuce.

Overall, one of our very favorite meals and one of only a few that everyone likes.


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